OMITEC: Optical tracking of microobjects within living cells

Optical tracking of microobjects within living cells

Tracking of foreign objects inside living cells is very exciting way how to study interior of living objects in non-destructive way. In cooperation with Faculty of Informatics of Masaryk University in Brno we imported fluorescent submicron particles into the living cells using liposomes as carriers to study the local mechanical heterogeneity of the cell cytoplasm. Thermal motion of these probes within the cell is tracked using fluorescent video-microscopy. The time-records of the probe positions reveal their trajectories and accessible space to the probes inside the cytoplasm of living cells. Further analysis of the thermal motion of the probes can reveal the mechanism of sub-cellular transport and properties of the cytoplasm in vivo .

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J. Jezek, M. Varecha, J. Amrichova, M. Kozubek, T. Cizmar, P. Zemanek: "Optical tracking of microobjects within living cells",
       Proceedings of SPIE 6180, 618025:1-6, 2006, Photonics, Devices and Systems III, Praha(CZ), 8-11 June 2005,   ABSTRACT

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