Optical sorting in a static interference pattern

Static optical sorting principle

Special interference pattern is created by two interfering beams creating fringes and counter-propagating beam with perpendicular polarization. The width of the fringes is set by mutual angle of two co-propagating beams, so it is possible to set the pattern to sort particular sizes of particles. Counter-propagating beam does not interfere with the fringes and compensates radiation pressure of the interference pattern (see the figure).

There are four possible types of particle behavior (see the sample detail in the scheme of experimental aparatus):
  1. confined in bright fringe with its center
  2. confined in dark fringe with its center
  1. pushed in direction of the co-propagating beams
  2. pushed in direction of the counter-propagating beam

P. Jakl, T. Cizmar, M. Sery, P. Zemanek: "Static optical sorting in a laser interference field",
       Applied Physics Letters 92, 161110:1-3, 2008, ABSTRACT   DOWNLOAD

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