OMITEC: Experiments with evanescent standing wave - evanescent optical conveyor belt

Experiments with evanescent standing wave - evanescent optical conveyor belt

Experimental set-up 

We used laser Verdi V5 (Laser 1) for generation of two counter-propagating evanescent waves on the top of the prism. Movable mirror ensures phase changes in one of the beams so that the interference fringes can be moved along the surface. Laser 2 serves as an single beam optical trap. Fast CCD camera records the object behaviour.


Direct experimental proof of the particle size effect and evanescent optical conveyor belt

We wanted to prove that the theoretical results based on our simplified model provide correct predictions. Therefore, we created a sample made of mixture of polystyrene beads of two sizes so that one size is insensitive to the standing wave and the other size is sensitive. Therefore, if the fringes move along the surface (due to motion of movable mirror), the sensitive size follows the fringes while the insensitive almost does not change its position.


MOVIE 520 x 410 nm                       MOVIE 350 x 750 nm

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