OMITEC: Object position detection in standing wave

Object position detection in standing wave

When we studied the object behaviour in standing waves we looked at the object perpendiculary to the beam propagations. Therefore the objects were bright on the dark background. We found out that the shape of the object pattern seen on the CCD changes as the object moves with respect to the standing wave (see the MOVIE). This enables to study precisely object position even with respect to motional standing wave. Optical ratchets or colloids behaviour in travelling potentials can be studied.

Changes of the shape of the object image taken by CCD camera placed perpendiculary to the beams propagation.
This series shows the relative shift of the object with respect to the standing wave by one wavelength.

This method is described in details in our following papers:

T. Cizmar, P. Zemanek: "Optical tracking of spherical micro-objects in spatially periodic interference fields",
       Opt. Express 15, 2262-2272, 2007,  

T. Cizmar, M. Siler, M. Sery, P. Zemanek, V. Garces-Chavez, K. Dholakia: "Optical sorting and detection of submicrometer objects in a motional standing wave",
       Phys. Rev. B 74, 035105:1-6, 2006,   ABSTRACT   DOWNLOAD

T. Cizmar, M. Siler, M. Sery, P. Zemanek: "Precise determination of object position in 1D optical lattice",
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T. Cizmar : "Optical traps generated by non-traditional beams" Ph.D. Thesis, Masaryk University, Faculty of Science. Brno. 2006. DOWNLOAD

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