Two Photons Polymerization

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[Thumbnail of house symbol]

The polymerization process is induced with laser beam. We used 532 nm (green light) laser Verdi (Coherent) with output power around 1 W. The monomer Norland Optical Adhesive 63 was used in the experiment. Since the polymerization is induced with ultraviolet light, the two-photon process is employed. On this picture can be seen the creation of surface-stuck structure.

[Thumbnail of joining two spheres]

Here is presented more useful example. Two latex spheres of approximately 50 μm in diameter are joined with a polymer strands.

[Thumbnail of ISI symbol]

Last example – surface-attached symbol of Institute of Scientific Instruments. The objects were created by moving the sample in focused laser beam. The sample was managed with piezo-driven stage Physik Instrumente 517.3C with capacitive sensors. These allow positioning with 3 nm repeatibility.

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