You can visit archived photos of our group.

[Omitec workgroup (October 2010)]

OMITEC team in October 2010

If you would like to co-operate with us or have any queries,
suggestions or offers, please contact Pavel Zemanek

Group leader

Pavel Zemanek


Ota Samek
Ales Gottvald
Oto Brzobohaty
Martin Siler
Stephen Simpson

Associated scientists

Jan Jezek
Petr Jakl
Mojmir Sery
Vitezslav Karasek

Ph.D. students

Zdenek Pilat
Lukas Chvatal
Silvie Bernatova
Jan Kanka

Former group members

Tomas Cizmar – School of Engineering, Physics and Mathematics, University of Dundee now
Alexandr Jonas– Istanbul (Turkey) now
Alejandro Vasquez Arzola– UNAM (Mexico) now

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