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Baránek M, Bouchal P, Šiler M, Bouchal Z. Aberration resistant axial localization using a self-imaging of vortices. Opt. Express, 23, 15316–15331 (2015).
Brzobohatý O, Arzola AV, Šiler M, Chvátal L, Jákl P, Simpson SH, Zemánek P. Complex rotational dynamics of multiple spheroidal particles in a circularly polarized, dual beam trap. Opt. Express, 23, 7273-7287 (2015).
Krzyžánek V, Hrubanová K, Samek O, Obruča S, Márová I, Bernatová S, Šiler M, Zemánek P. Cryo-SEM and Raman Spectroscopy Study of the Involvement of Polyhydroxyalkanoates in Stress Response of Bacteria. Microscopy and Microanalysis, 21, 183-184 (2015).
Samek O, Bernatová S, Ježek J, Šiler M, Šerý M, Krzyžánek V, Hrubanová K, Zemánek P, Holá V, Růžička F. Identification of individual biofilm-forming bacterial cells using Raman tweezers. J. Biomed. Opt., 20, (2015).
Mlynariková K, Samek O, Bernatová S, Růžička F, Ježek J, Haroniková A, Šiler M, Zemánek P, Holá V. Influence of Culture Media on Microbial Fingerprints Using Raman Spectroscopy. Sensors, 15, 29635-29647 (2015).
Brzobohatý O, Šiler M, Trojek J, Chvátal L, Karásek V, Zemánek P. Non-spherical gold nanoparticles trapped in optical tweezers: shape matters. Opt. Express, 23, 8179-8189 (2015).
Šiler M, Zemánek P. Optical trapping in secondary maxima of focused laser beam. J. Quant. Spectrosc. Radiat. Transf., 162, 114 - 121 (2015).
Brzobohatý O, Šiler M, Trojek J, Chvátal L, Karásek V, Paták A, Pokorná Z, Mika F, Zemánek P. Three-Dimensional Optical Trapping of a Plasmonic Nanoparticle using Low Numerical Aperture Optical Tweezers. Sci. Rep., 5, 8106 (2015).