Long-term conceptual development 2012-2017, reg. num.: RVO:68081731

ISI No. Project title ISI investigator Function Agency Identif. Code
144305 National Infrastructure for Biological and Medical Imaging Ing. Zenon Starčuk, CSc. C MŠMT LM2023050
143002 Biodistribution and real-time monitoring of free or apoferritin-encapsulated charged cholinesterase reactivators Ing. Zenon Starčuk, CSc. C GA ČR GA22-14568S
232501 Non-invasive ventricular electrical activation mapping – 3D VDI mapping Ing. Pavel Jurák, CSc. C TA ČR FW03010434
233001 Subcortical nuclei and cortical functions – insight from the deep brain stimulation perspective Ing. Pavel Jurák, CSc. C GA ČR GA 21-25953S
Ultra-high-frequency ECG for prediction of adverse left ventricular remodeling in permanent right ventricular pacing Ing. Pavel Jurák, CSc. C MZ NU21-02-00584
448509 Classical and quantum optomechanics with levitated nanoobjects prof. RNDr. Pavel Zemánek, Ph.D. I AV ČR AP2002
443003 Semiclassical Nonlinear Electro-Optical Levitation prof. RNDr. Pavel Zemánek, Ph.D. I GA ČR 23-06224S
442502 Centre of Advanced Electron and Photonic Optics prof. Ing. Josef Lazar, Dr. I TA ČR TN02000020
452503 Laserové zdroje záření a metrologie optických soustav v DUV spektrální oblasti prof. Ing. Josef Lazar, Dr. C FW03010232
625002 Development of innovative diffractive devices for advanced security of products, valuables and documents doc. Ing. Vladimír Kolařík, Ph.D. I MV ČR VK01010026
593003 Quantitative low energy 4D-STEM imaging of beam sensitive samples Ing. Vladislav Krzyžánek, Ph.D. I GA ČR GA 21-13541S
593004 Advanced cryo-optofluidic platform for correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM) Ing. Vladislav Krzyžánek, Ph.D. I GA ČR 23-07962S
583004 Correlative Fluorescence Microscopy and Advanced Low-energy ESEM for Imaging of Immuno- Labelled Wet Biological Samples doc Ing. et Ing. Vilém Neděla, Ph.D. I GA ČR GA22-25799S
465002 Quantum encrypted communication with increased physical layer security Ing. Ondřej Číp, Ph.D. I MV ČR VK01030193
460103 Czech National Quantum Communication Infrastructure Ing. Ondřej Číp, Ph.D. C EC 101091684
TSCAC Two-species composite atomic clocks Ing. Ondřej Číp, Ph.D. C EURAMET SRT-f02 TSCAC
465001 Security risks of photonic communication networks Ing. Ondřej Číp, Ph.D. C MV ČR VJ01010035
822504 Use of laser and hybrid technologies in energy plants doc. RNDr. Libor Mrňa, Ph.D. C TA ČR FW01010293
112501 Development of analytical platform for monitoring microplastics circulation in agricultural production Mgr. Silvie Bernatová, Ph.D. C TA ČR SS06020224
753301 Cavity mediated interactions between levitated particles Mgr. Oto Brzobohatý Ph.D. I GA ČR 21-19245K
216002 STN-DBS outcomes in Parkinson´s disease: the influence of vascular, cardiovascular, metabolic, and inflammatory co-morbidities Ing. Josef Halámek, CSc. C MZ NU21-04-00445
788503 Compact frequency reference based on a micrometric cell Ing. Jan Hrabina, Ph.D. I AV ČR CNRS-22-14
272501 Robotic system for the detection of metabolic substances and pathogens in plants in order to increase the production of medicinal substances Ing. Jan Ježek, Ph.D. C TA ČR FW03010535
153003 Multi-Contrast Quantification of Perfusion Using Joint Magnetic Resonance Contrast-Enhanced and Arterial-Spin-Labeling Approaches doc. Ing. Radovan Jiřík, Ph.D. I GA ČR GA22-10953S
492501 Nonlinear diffraction fiber elements for sensor systems Ing. Břetislav Mikel, Ph.D. C TA ČR FW01010379
633001 Probing electron scattering phenomena of two-dimensional crystalline materials at very low energies Mgr. Eliška Materna Mikmeková, Ph.D. MBA I GA ČR GA22-34286S
618505 Cutting-edge electron microscopy: A novel insight into advanced lightweight structural materials Ing. Mgr. Šárka Mikmeková, Ph.D. I AV ČR JSPS-22-12
618503 Laboratory of advanced steels microstructural classification by artificial intelligence meth Ing. Mgr. Šárka Mikmeková, Ph.D. I AV ČR LQ100652201
312501 Advanced building elements for automated quality control at Factory 4.0 Mgr. Šimon Řeřucha, Ph.D. C TA ČR FW03010687
Advanced methods in detection of pathogenic microorganisms and analysis the antimicrobials’ effect using Raman spectroscopy and other methods at the molecular level in optofluidic systems Mgr. Ota Samek, Dr. C MZ NU21-05-00341
713004 Self-entrapment of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria by gelation of their exopolysaccharides – towards the next-generation bioinoculants Mgr. Ota Samek, Dr. C GA ČR 23-06757S
482501 Innovative projector development for Safety and Industry 4.0 Ing. Mojmír Šerý, Ph.D. C TA ČR FW06010453
242501 Integrated telemedical system for early detection of peripheral perfusion disorders, monitoring and personalized application of non-invasive therapies with a specific focus on patients with chronic diseases Ing. Vlastimil Vondra, Dr. C TA ČR FW01010543
103001 Macro and micro scale of high frequency epileptiform activity within human brain Ing. Petr Klimeš, Ph.D. I GA ČR GA22-28784S
103301 Advanced algorithms for identification of electrophysiological features underlying encoding and recall of human memory in intracranial EEG Ing. Petr Klimeš, Ph.D. C GA ČR GF22-28594K
106001 Enhanced pre-surgical evaluation in drug-resistant epilepsy using machine/deep learning models Ing. Petr Klimeš, Ph.D. C MZ NU22-08-00278
252501 Development of in-situ techniques for characterization of materials and nanostructures doc. Ing. Alexandr Knápek, Ph.D. C TA ČR FW03010504
282504 Remote Therapy in Heart Failure Patients Using Artificial Intelligence and Fusion of Multimodal Inputs Ing. Filip Plešinger, Ph.D. C TA ČR FW06010766
478501 Investigation of electron scattering on two-dimensional crystalline materials at very low energies Ing. Jakub Piňos I AV ČR L100652301
223301 Non-Oberbeck-Boussinesq effects in turbulent convection in cryogenic helium at high Rayleigh numbers Mgr. Michal Macek, Ph.D. I GA 21-06012J
323001 Single particle tracking through a multimode fiber endoscope for exploring the extracellular space in mouse brain Johanna Traegaardh, Dr. Ř GA ČR GA22-27726S
Development of “3D print-thermal spray” systems for applications with dynamic and impact loading Mgr. Josef Daniel, Ph.D. C TA ČR TH75020003
600901 Single-fibre based holographic endoscope for observations of stroke in deep brain structure prof. Mgr. Tomáš Čižmár, Ph.D. I EC 101082088
913001 Faraday’s Scalpel: electrochemical oxygen reduction for precise neural tissue ablation MVDr. Petra Ondráčková, Ph.D. C GA ČR 23-07432S