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Left menu Single beam trap Principle
Rotation of trapped structures
Surface profile measurements
Trapping in retro-reflected Gaussian beams Principle
Theoretical model
Properties of standing wave trap
Standing wave trapping
Comparison of single beam and standing wave traps
Weak reflections
Trapping in counter-propagating Bessel beams What is it a Bessel beam?
Thousands of traps
Optical conveyor belt
Calculation of optical forces in Bessel beam
Trapping in co-propagating Bessel beams Principle of trapping
Trapping and delivery
Objects' jumps between traps
Trapping in counter-propagating evanescent waves Optical trapping in evanescent standing wave
Experiments with evanescent optical conveyor belt
Optical sorting of sub-micrometer objects
Optical binding Theoretical model
Optical scalpel Fusion of living cells
Controlled damage of subcellular structures
Position detection Object in a standing wave
Object within living cell
Photopolymerization Photopolymerization
Long and narrow polymer fibers or hollow cylinders

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