Coherent Optics

In 2010 the laser celebrates its 50th birthday. From the curiosity that emerged from a scientific laboratory the laser has found its way into nearly all households. Among thousands of various applications laser dimensional measurement is one of the best known. In the laboratories of ISI the first Czech He-Ne laser was built only three years after its world premiere and its design has been gradually developed for the needs of Czech metrology.

This long history has produced our offered experience in the following fields:


  • Spectral modification (narrowing) of the emitted wavelengths of gas and semiconductor lasers.
  • The design of lasers for metrological applications with extreme stability of the emission optical frequency.
  • Manufacturing of cells filled with hyperpure gasses for absorption spectroscopy.
  • The design and realization of interferometric measuring systems.
  • The design and deposition of optical interference coatings.
  • The design and realization of special electronics for control of experiments.