Special electronics and software

The design of special electronics for the control of experiments and data processing including software represent an important part of the research activities of our group. This includes:


  • low noise current controllers for laser diodes;
  • precise temperature controllers for laser diodes and absorption cells;
  • digital systems for phase sensitive detection;
  • cards for signal digitization with A/D and D/A converters;
  • high-voltage amplifiers for piezoelectric transducers;
  • complete detection chains for derivative and frequency-modulation spectroscopy;
  • communication interfaces for TCP/IP, USB and CAN busses and networks;
  • power supplies and photodetectors.


Software developed at ISI includes:


  • an original algorithm for linearization of the laser interferometer sca­le;
  • a communication server for processing and data transfer through TCP/IP in real time;
  • drivers for the LabView environment;
  • control software for the CAN bus.