Student / Ph.D. Student in EEG Research

We offer a position in the Computational Neuroscience research team. The job will cover intracranial EEG signal processing, big data analysis, machine learning, and data management focusing on human brain electrophysiology and neurological diseases research (spectral analysis, detection of electrophysiological events in EEG, localization of epileptogenic tissue, seizure dynamics, cortical and deep brain stimulations). Active participation in original research projects with the potential to publish in peer-reviewed journals and present at international conferences.

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Job Title: Postdoctoral fellow / Associate scientist

Position available from: 1. 6. 2020
Category: Academic / Research

Theoretical modelling of light propagation and scattering in complex media
We are seeking an exceptional candidate to join our ~€7m research project Gate2μ, to work on development of new experimental procedures for advanced control of light propagation in optical waveguides and their applications in bio-medical settings.

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