Set of elements for photonics communication


Set of elements for photonics communication

The aim of the project is to implement a set of optical and electronic components, which allow operation of photonic services on fiber and freespace optical communication links with a high degree of compensation for transport delay of transmitted information. These elements will include photonic free-space optical link, photonic time delay compensation unit and unit for transport delays monitoring on photonic links. In frame of this project, these elements will be used in two pilot implementations of photonic circuits, which will demonstrate transmission with stable time delay over optical fibers and wireless links.

ISI investigator: 
Ing. Ondřej Číp, Ph.D.
Zdeněk Kolka - Vysoké učení technické v Brně

Ondřej Číp - Institute of Scientific Instruments of the CAS, v. v. i.

František Urban - NETWORK GROUP, a.s.

Michal Meloun - Miracle Group, spol. s.r.o.

Vladimír Smotlacha - CESNET, zájmové sdružení právnických osob

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Date from: 
1. 1. 2015
Date to: 
30. 6. 2018