Security risks of photonic communication networks


Security risks of photonic communication networks

The project deals with a complex analysis of security risks of optical fiber networks. Fiber optics is the most widely used medium for high-speed transmission of data. Although considered safe and immune to eavesdropping or electromagnetic interference, in a proper configuration the optical fiber can be used as a very sensitive sensor of electromagnetic field, acoustic vibrations, temperature and other quantities. In addition to distributed sensing, the project also addresses the risks of interception of data signals in optical networks, as well as security risks in using ultra sensitive fiber optic microphones. The results are intended for a guarantor, but will be presented in the form of publications and they will also be disseminated to the professional public via organizing workshops.

ISI investigator: 
Ing. Ondřej Číp, Ph.D.
Münster Petr - FEI VUT Brno

Číp Ondřej - Institute of Scientific Instruments of the CAS

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Date from: 
1. 1. 2021
Date to: 
31. 12. 2025