Scintillation detectors for special use in SEM


Scintillation detectors for special use in SEM

Project aims to develop and commercialize two new types of detection system for scanning electron microscope (SEM). Both systems will be based on a single crystalline scintillator material. Those systems are A) quantitative STEM detector (STEM) and B) BSE detector for high-temperature samples (HTB). STEM detector will allow for studying of exact parameters of scattering of electron in thin samples. HTB detector will enable measurement of high-temperature behaviour of materials like recrystallization, phase transitions, etc. The main use will be study of strength of steel for pressure containers of nuclear reactors under radioactive conditions.

ISI investigator: 
Ing. Vladislav Krzyžánek, Ph.D.
Horodyský Petr - Crytur

Vladislav Krzyžánek - Institute of Scientific Instruments of the CAS, v. v. i.

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Date from: 
1. 1. 2018
Date to: 
31. 12. 2021