Lecture “Wavefront control in linear and nonlinear complex media”

On 28.6.2019. professor Rafael Piestun from University of Colorado visited our institute. Prof. Michael Sixt is a group leader and vice president of the Institute of Science and Technology Austria. The research in Dr. Piestun's group deals with the control and processing of optical radiation at two significant spatial and temporal scales: the nanometer and the femtosecond. Interest in this area arises from the existence of new phenomena occurring at these scales and the fascinating applications in new devices and systems. Current challenges in sensing, imaging, communications, energy conversion, and computing provide a continuous motivation for this work. Prof. Rafael Piestun visited our laboratories, he met scientists working on a similar topic and he gave lecture “Wavefront control in linear and nonlinear complex media” that was visited by 20 scientists.
After the lecture, a fruitfull discussion with the scientists took place.