Lecture “ A Two-Tiered Mechanism Tunes Intranodal Migration of T Cells ”

On 30. november 2017 Dr. Miroslav Hons visited our institute.
Dr. Miroslav Hons, member of scientific group  on Institute of Science and Technology Austria.
Dr. Miroslav Hons graduated from immunology at Charles University in Prague and obtained PhD from University of Bern. Dr. Miroslav Hons uses intravital two photon microscopy to study how cells of immune system migrate in tissues and combine that with advanced in vitro imaging set-ups to understand  general mechanisms of how cytoskeleton generates force to deform the cell body, how this force is transduced to the extracellular environment and how this leads to cell migration.
Dr. Miroslav Hons visited our laboratories, he met scientists working on a similar topic and he gave lecture “A Two-Tiered Mechanism Tunes Intranodal Migration of T Cells” that was visited by scientists interested in the same topic. At the end of the lecture, there was a discussion with the scientists.


Lecture  Lecture



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