Lecture “Principles of cellular locomotion and navigation”

On 21.6.2019. professor  Michael Sixt visited our institute. Prof. Michael Sixt is a group leader and vice president of the Institute of Science and Technology Austria. His research is positioned at the interface of cell biology, immunology and biophysics to explain basic mechanistic principles that allow cells to migrate through tissues. His primary focus is to investigate how the cell’s internal skeleton generates and transduces forces to move the cell forward. The group also investigates how cells navigate along guidance cues, specifically how they orient their polarity axis in response to chemotactic gradients.
In his work, Prof. Sixt combines biological methods with advanced imaging, microengineering and mathematical modeling.
Prof. Michael Sixt visited our laboratories, he met scientists working on a similar topic and he gave lecture “Principles of cellular locomotion and navigation ” that was visited by 30 scientists. After the lecture, a fruitfull discussion with the scientists took place.