Lecture "Precise laser measurements of lengthin the air"

June 21, 2017, 17:00, Literary Café and Bookstore Academia in Brno, náměstí Svobody 13, Brno.
Lecture on "Precision laser measurements of length in the air".
Ing. Tomáš Pikálek from ISI CAS presented the method he dealt with in his diploma thesis and this year he was awarded the Werner von Siements Award in the category - Best Diploma Thesis.
Simply put, to keep the wavelength of the light beam even the most accurate and out of the vacuum, it is necessary to be able to accurately measure the shortening in various environments, and precisely for this work, Tomáš Pikálek won the prestigious Werner von Siemence Award.
Its measuring equipment does not fit into your pocket yet, but it works!

See video (minutes 2:42-3:26)

He introduced Z. Buchta to the main lecturer of Tomáš Pikálek subsequently followed up with the presentation of the workplace - ISI CAS - and introduced the participants both with the organizational structure of the Institute, more specifically with the specialized focus of the department dealing with the use of the properties of light. The introduction of the Institute was closed by an invitation to the open-door autumn days (organized within the framework of the Science and Technology Week).
The lecture section of the lecture was then divided into four parts.
The introductory section, entitled "Wave Behavior of Light," presented light as a spreading wave. The basic properties of light and its behavior were described here.
The second part of the lecture was called "Interferometry". Following the introductory part of the presentation, the audience acquainted with the possibilities of using light to measure distances and dimensions.
The third part of the lecture introduces the term "Refractive Index of Air". On the example of rainbow or optical deception of "broken" objects when immersed in liquid, the influence of the refractive index on the accuracy of optical measurements
The final part of the lecture was devoted to introducing the developed method for measuring the refractive index of air. The new method uses a combination of white light and laser light. Both types of light are used in a Michelson interferometer with a built-in glass cell, the inner part of which is a vacuum (reference environment) and the outside (air). Intentional mathematical processing of the measured signals is determined by the difference of the properties of the light passing through the reference and measured environment, the refractive index of the measured environment (air).
At the end of the lecture T. Pikálek mentioned the publication of the developed methods in the impacted journal Applied Optics and the award of his diploma thesis by Siemens.
The lecture was attended by 10 listeners.

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