Lecture “Nanophysiology of central synapses”

On 19.December 2019. professor Peter Jonas visited our institute.
Prof. Peter Jonas working at the Science and Technology Austria and is a Head of Research Group dealing with Synaptic Communication in Hippocampal Microcircuits.
Synapses enable communication between neurons in the brain. The Jonas group investigates how signals pass through these vital interfaces – a major undertaking in the field of neuroscience.
The group addresses two major questions. What are the biophysical signaling and plasticity mechanisms at glutamatergic and GABAergic synapses in the cortex and how do specific synaptic properties generate higher network functions. In their work, the group combines nanophysiology, presynaptic patch-clamp and multi-cell recording, two-photon Ca2+ imaging, optogenetics, in vivo recording, and modeling.
Prof. Peter Jonas visited our laboratories, he met scientists working on a similar topic and he gave lecture ““Nanophysiology of central synapses”.
After the lecture, a fruitfull discussion with the scientists took place.


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