Lecture “Fiber based ultrashort pulse laser systems”

On 21.8.-23.8.2018 Prof. Dr. Jens Limpert visited our institute.
Jens Limpert received his M.S in 1999 and Ph.D. in Physics from the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena in 2003.
His research interests include high power lasers in the pulsed and continuous-wave regime.
Jens Limpert is currently leading the Laser Development Group (including fiber- and waveguide lasers) at the Institute of Applied Physics.
He is author or co-author of more than 270 peer-reviewed journal papers in the field of laser physics. His research activities have been awarded with the WLT-Award in 2006, an ERC starting grant in 2009 and an ERC consolidator grant in 2013.
Jens Limpert is founder of the Active Fiber Systems GmbH a spin-off from the University Jena and the Fraunhofer-IOF Jena.Prof. Dr. Jens Limpert visited our laboratories, he met scientists of Preject Gate2mu and he gave lecture “ Fiber based ultrashort pulse laser systems”
that was visited by 30 scientists.
After the lecture, a discussion with the scientists took place.

Lecture Limpert  Lecture Limpert