Coherently programmable source of nonclassical light


Coherently programmable source of nonclassical light

The nonclassical light is an essential resource in almost all areas of rapidly developing applications of quantum information research. As previously demonstrated, individual trapped atomic ions can constitute a scalable source of nonclassical light with record-breaking purity. Furthermore, unprecedent spatial localization of many ions allows employing optical coherence for manipulation of the emitted fluorescence direction. In this project, a source of nonclassical light allowing combination of these two unique properties will be realized for the first time. The aim is to build up an ion trapping apparatus for efficient observation of the manifestation of internal atomic states in the emission of optical fields. It will be shown that current advanced and deterministic control of internal states of trapped ions can be turned into the efficient control of direction, collection efficiency and nonclassicality of the emitted states of light. The proposed system will thus represent a feasible and broadly applicable architecture for controllable generation of nonclassical states of light.

ISI investigator: 
Ing. Ondřej Číp, Ph.D.
Slodička Lukáš - Univerzita Palackého v Olomouci

Číp Ondřej - Institute of Scientific Instruments of the CAS

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Date from: 
1. 1. 2019
Date to: 
31. 12. 2021