Applied and Integrated Photonics

Group Presentation

The group is dedicated to the application of advanced photonics technologies for the development and manufacture of highly integrated and intelligent devices in the fields of integrated photonics, spectroscopy and imaging systems. Our work is focused on two main areas.

Development of a robust photonic element manufacturing technology

Development of specialized devices and technology for high detail writing (100 nm and below) with subsequent matrix etching into the substrate by deep reactive ion etching. We are intensively developing technologies for maskless writing of micro-optical components with a two-photon streolithograph of our own design and fs laser-assisted reactive ion etching.

Dvoufotonový litograf

Two-photon lithograph for fabrication of planar and semiplanar structures with acousto-optic deflection system and compensation of spatial and temporal dispersion of femtosecond pulse pulse. 


Design of photonic elements and integration of photonic elements into innovative imaging and spectroscopic optical systems.

We are developing highly integrated photonic elements with micro-optics and meta-optics based light transformation in optical systems for imaging systems, classical and imaging spectrometers and special photonic chips for studying the mechanical behavior of micro-objects in highly focused light fields.

Hyperspektrální mikroskop Hyperspektrální záznam Hyperspektrální záznam
Hyperspectral microscope, a development workstation for measuring the hyperspectral response of plants and microorganisms. Hyperspectral recording of the internal structure of the algae Trachydiscus minutus, processing of spectra into individual classes by artificial intelligence methods.


Mikročip  Mikročip

Microchip for optical trapping of micro-objects under low pressure.

We are currently working on two grant projects:

  • HyPerSpec - development of hyperspectral cameras for biotechnological applications and elemental analysis.
  • Technology for advanced optics and its industrial applications.