Planar structures development using an electron beam pattern generator. Various applications include photo–masks for optical or UV lithography, zonal and Fresnel structures, blazed gratings, vortex beam masks, Bragg gratings, photonic crystals, MEMS (micro electro mechanical systems), NIL (nano imprint lithography), CGH (computer–generated holograms), dividers, laser beam splitters and shapers, light diffusers, antireflective structures and absorbers, nano cathodes, nanostructured membranes, bimetallic structures, structural color patterns and plasmonic structures, specimens for verification of  the microscope resolution, bio-inspired structures, etc.




Phase photo–mask for UV exposure of Bragg gratings into optical fiber cores.


E-Beam Lithography Group (EBL)

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Si3N4 nanostructured membrane on the silicon wafer for experiments with electron beam diffraction.


antireflection Antireflective structure.


Ag-Cr Bimetal planar structure — a combination of chrome and silver on silicon wafer. The structure is exploited in a bandpass filter  as a detector of secondary electrons in SEM (electron scanning microscope).


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Electron Beam Lithography