EBL for Nanotechnologies

  • e-beam pattern generator Tesla BS600 developed by ISI in 1977-1987;
    continuously modernized until now;
  • procedures for adjusting the pattern generator;
  • technological and lithographic marks; testing patterns;
  • apertures forming a rectangular beam;
  • current density distribution in the beam;
  • electron emitters.



Elektronový litograf Tesla BS600, konfigurace 2012


E-Beam Lithography Group (EBL)

Research Areas:

Offered Technologies:

E-beam pattern generator Tesla BS600

  • E-beam pattern generator with rectangularly shaped beam and electron energy of 15 keV.
  • Recording resolution (beam positioning) of 50 nm.
  • Beam size adjustable from 50 to 6300 nm (standard mode); from 17 to 2100 nm (TZ mode).
  • Exposure field 3 × 3 mm2 (max).
  • Proximity effect corection algorithmes.





Comparative study: four methods for measurements of the beam current density.


Katoda Obrazec Model hrotu


Electron emitter tip (left); emission pattern (midle); tip model crystalography (right).    


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