Magnetic Resonance

The NMR group focuses on the development of measurement methods and technologies for biomedical and also technical applications of nuclear magnetic resonance and to the application of MR techniques in preclinical, particularly translational research utilizing mouse and rat animal models of neurologic, psychiatric and oncologic diseases. The current research emphasizes

  • measurement of organ perfusion and pharmacokinetic modeling,
  • measurement of water diffusion parameters,
  • spatially localized MR spectroscopy (MRS) and spectroscopic imaging (MRSI), including metabolite quantitation and computer simulation,
  • characterization and tracing of contrast agents in vitro and in vivo, aiming at targeted transport of nanoparticles,
  • MR-based morphometry and
  • multiparametric data analysis.

Ensuring verifiable reproducible quantitative results for specific applications is one of the crucial goals. Other areas of interest include testing MR compatibility of materials and utilization of MR for the study of plants and porous materials. The experimental research is based on a modern 9.4T MR system Bruker Biospec 94/30, equipped for multinuclear preclinical imaging, and an accredited mouse and rat animal facility. Also a 4.7T MR imaging system is available. The group closely collaborates with other subjects (Masaryk University, Veterinary Research Institute and others), which ensures the multidisciplinary needs of preclinical research employing MR. Translation of the techniques to clinical practice is another part of the research interests.

Core Facility Magnetic Resonance (ISI-MR)