Lecture "Controlling light in complex media for imaging and nonlinear applications"

On 26.-27.3.2019 Dr. Antonio Caravaca, Post-doctoral Researcher on Universite Grenoble Alpes visited our institute.
Recent advances in light control have opened the possibility of wavefront optimization to pre-compensate for the effects of multiple scattering in turbid media. A major motivation for the development of new techniques is imaging and sensing in biological samples. These techniques have the potential to overcome tissue scattering, which usually limits the imaging depth to less than a millimeter. However, the dynamic nature of biological materials complicates the process because its speckle decorrelation time is on the millisecond timescale.
Dr. Antonio Caravaca visited our laboratories, he met scientists working on a similar topic and he gave lecture " Controlling light in complex media for imaging and nonlinear applications "  that was visited by more than 20 scientists.
Dr.Caravaca in this seminar explained the novel techniques that I developed during his PhD for high speed and blind imaging through complex media. Besides non-invasive techniques for imaging, I implemented techniques to use a single thin multimode fiber as an endoscope for brain imaging and how to control nonlinear phenomena occurring when high energy pulses propagate inside. He also presented some of his latest results of his project at LIPhy; an innovative ultrathin endoscope capable of imaging in dual modality (fluorescence and photoacoustic signal) intended to be used for the brain of small rodents.

The lecture is realized within the project European Structural and Investment Funds Operational Programme Research, Development and Education.