Workshop SignalPlant

on 8th November 2022 is organized by the Artificial Intelligence and Medical Technologies Group. A workshop dedicated to the SignalPlant program.

SignalPlant is a freely available software tool for signal processing, developed at the Institute for Signal Processing of the CAS.
The workshop is free of charge for all interested parties.
If you are interested you need to register at:

A new feature of this year's workshop will be the introduction of a module for AI model inference. During the refreshment and lunch breaks, it will be possible to make a recording of your own heart activity and try out the presented procedures in the last session of the workshop. Also this year, there will be a "SignalArt" competition for the best picture, made with the help of SignalPlant software.
The workshop will be implemented with the financial support of the Strategia AV21 Project, "Breakthrough Technologies of the Future" programme.
The topic leader is Dr. Filip Plešinger, Head of the Artificial Intelligence and Medical Technologies Research Group.




Signalplant  Signalplant