Seminar "Diagnostics of microbial biofilms"

On 30.5. 2017 in the lecture hall of ÚPT AV ČR, a public lecture was held by Dr. Thomase Burg from the Max Planck Institute in Goettingen on Micro- / Nano-Instrumentation for Biophysical Measurements and Cryomicroscopy.
The lecture was part of a seminar on "Diagnostics of microbial biofilms".
Twenty-eight students participated across Brno institutions and companies dealing with this topic, such as Tescan, CEITEC or Masaryk University, and, of course, employees of the Technical University. Dr. Burg introduced a new approach based on microsystems to achieve high resolution time in correlation imaging of living cells and electron microscopy.
In the afternoon, there was a closed debate on which dr. Burg, introduced his vision of integration with conventional concurrent light and electron microscopes. "We are opening this path to understanding the time between activation and reaction of cells in the fields from neuroscience and immunology to pharmaceutical science!"
The collaboration between the Dr. Group Burga and the UTB on mutual exchange of students and joint grant application.
The meeting was held with the support of the AV21 Strategy project, the research program "Diagnostic methods and techniques". The coordinator of the activity was dr. V. Krzyžánek from ÚPT AV ČR, odd. Electron Microscopy, Microscopy Group for Biomedicine.


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