Medical signals

The MediSIG team of the ISI provides a complete solution for neurology, cardiology and medical signal analysis and other applications.


The activities of the team include the development of new non-invasive diagnostic procedures in cardiology and neurology, measurement and signal processing in medicine and the design and construction of experimental medical devices and acquisition systems. The MediSIG team cooperates with domestic and foreign hospitals and physicians. Cooperation includes the implementation of measurement and diagnostics protocols, design of recording parameters and physiological signals, data digitizing and archiving, processing and detection of physiological parameters and statistical analysis and evaluation of results. The outcomes of interdisciplinary cooperation also include joint patents and original experimental equipment and methodology.

MediSIG Cardiology – non-invasive diagnostics of cardiovascular disease


Diagnostics is focused on determining the level of risk of coronary heart disease, sudden cardiac death, arrhythmia, heart attack and heart failure, as well as ischemic disease, high blood pressure risks and heart transplant innervations. It is based on the evaluation of multi-lead ECG signal, blood pressure, impedance cardiography, heart sounds and respiration. Results include the determination of complete hemodynamic parameters, blood vessel stiffness and control properties of blood circulation.

MediSIG Neurology  – EEG signal processing, epilepsy, Parkinson’s di­sease


MediSIG provides complete processing, analysis and statistical evaluation of EEG recordings from deep brain structures. Epilepsy that cannot be pharmacologically controlled can be treated only with surgery. Intracerebral or subdural electrodes are implanted to localize epileptic sources. Unique EEG recordings from depth electrodes allow the development of new techniques for analyzing evoked processes, synchronization and desynchronization, and signal propagation directions and connectivity between different brain structures during various mental activities.