Lecture: Utilising Biology, Chemistry and Physics to study Dementia

The topic will be presented by Professor Frank Gunn-Moore FRSB FRSE, who is based at the School of Biology, University of St Andrews, UK. On 27.9.2023, 14:00 in the lecture hall of the Institute of Scientific instruments of the CAS

Abstract: To try understand and tackle neurodegeneration and dementia requires a challenge led approach and not a single discipline approach. My group has tried to use ideas and techniques from all the Sciences to gain insights into the development of the nervous system and how it goes wrong in certain diseases of the brain. In this seminar, we will explore some of our highlight findings that have uncovered potential drug targets for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease, uncovered new biochemical pathways that may play a role in the progression of this disease, developed novel techniques to study it, and also the finding that humans are not the only mammalian species that can show signs of the disease.