Lecture “ Multi-colour wavefront holographic shaping for advanced microscopy”

On 15 February Prof. Dr. Monika Ritsch‐Marte visited our institute.
Monika Ritsch‐Marte is Director of the Division for Biomedical Optics, Medical University of Innsbruck. Monika Ritsch‐Marte received her M.Sc. in Physics from the University of Innsbruck in 1984 and her PhD in Quantum Optics from the Waikato University in New Zealand (under the supervision of D.F. Walls) in 1988. After several PostDoc projects (Boulder/Colorado, Milano, Helsinki), and after completing her Habilitation at the Institute of Theoretical Physics in Innsbruck, she accepted the Chair of Biomedical Physics at the Medical University in Innsbruck in 1998 where she founded a Biomedical Optics group. Her current research interests include holographic optical tweezers, digital holographic microscopy and linear and non‐linear Raman microscopy. She has received numerous research grants and awards, including an ERC Advanced Grant and the Boltzmann Award of the Austrian Physical Society. She is a member of the Austrian Academy of Science and a Fellow of the Optical Society of America.
Monika Ritsch‐Marte visited our laboratories, than she gave lecture “Multi-colour wavefront holographic shaping for advanced microscopy ” that was visited by 30 scientists. After the lecture, a fruitfull discussion with the scientists took place.


M. Ritsch-Marte  M. Ritsch-Marte