The ISI research team on Czech TV

What do scientists work for and what could be good once if their research is successful?
In the series about science and scientists and their elaborated projects, ČT reporter, Zdeněk Skokan, is looking through the window for their near future.
"For a millionth of a millimeter" is the subject of a reportage in which Dr. O. Čípa from ÚPT AV ČR, Department of Coherence Optics. A team that refines the most accurate measurement method, the deviation of which varies in nanometer units. And where will these measurements be applied? Perhaps in the construction of motorways or in the automotive industry, adds Šimon Řeřucha.

Reportage on a millionth of a millimeter filmed on May 9, 2017 (broadcast on May 20, 2017) on the Week in Regions