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I love Amiga. It is the only one cheap computer, you can work with, even after ten years from it's release. I work in C/C++, TeX, use some math programs, play games...almost everything, what I need. And it has multitasking OS. I have it since 1993 and I used to it. I think, it is much better than PC's OS either MSDOS or Windows 3.11. I haven't worked with W95, maybe it's better than reset (W3.11 is not ;)).

And what I use Amiga for? The main piece of work is creating documents. I study physical engineering, where we need lots of protocols of measuring. I use some math programs to statistical calculations, too. I like programing. 6 months ago I learnt AmigaE 2.1. It's quite fine language, but I need compatibility with PC machines (we have them in school laboratories). That's why I use C/C++ now.

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