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Brief history

[My photo] My name is Petr Jakl and I was born in the 26th of September in 1974 in Brno, Czech Republic. After finishing basic school in 1989, I began studies at grammar school Videnska in Brno and chose mathematics and physics as a field of study. I succesfully graduated in 1993 and decided to continue my studies in the Institute of Physical Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Technical University in Brno. In 1998, I defended diploma thesis "Manipulation with microobjects using a laser diode", got distinction for excellent results during university studies and became Physical Engineer.

During my university education I worked in the optical laboratories of the Institute of Scientific Instruments of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Brno. I have taken part in the experiments of the group of Coherent Optics, the team of Optical Micromanipulation Techniques.

In 1998 I started postgraduate studies in this group. The theme of my work was "Scanning probe microscopy with optically held local probe". I defended the thesis and became doctor of physics (Ph. D.) in November 2005.

Personal data and hobbies

I stand 194 cm tall (6 feet 4 inches) and have a weight of 92 kg (202 lb). I have short dark hair and grey eyes. Since I spend lots of time by computer, I wear quite strong glasses (-5D).

I am quite keen on computers. Best of all I like Amigas. But I'm afraid, it is almost dead technology now. I have Amiga 1200 with Blizzard 68030/50 turbocard, 2MB CHIP and 8MB FAST RAM. I have harddrive Maxtor 2 GB IDE and RGB monitor with it and I am quite satisfied with this configuration. I have all programs I will ever need, I think. Very important for me is wordprocessor TeX by Donald E. Knuth. I use it with Leslie Lamport's macro package LaTeX 2.09. Pictures I make with Fig and export to PostScript via fig2dev. If I need a special program, I write it in AmigaE language. I like its simplicity and speed of compilation. This time I try GNU C/C++ in AmigaDOS enviroment. It is quite compatible with its Linux port.

(September 2001) I bought new computer, AMD Duron 800 MHz, 128 MB RAM, 40 GB harddisk. I installed Linux operation system (RedHat 7.3). (update 2005) During the time running, several upgrades appeared in the box, new RAM (now 512 MB), new hard (together 120 GB now), soundcard, graphic card, DVD (which I needed badly to archive my pictures ... digital cameras are terrible gluttons of free space) etc.

Another favourite pieces of electronics are palm-sized devices. Be it programmable scientific calculator, PDA, MDA, Palmtop, etc. I have several programmable calculators at home, since it was always my hobby. From historical LED segments (TI-59C), over the oldest LCD types (Citizen SR-49) to newest type with Z80 inside (TI-85). I've also bought older Palm m515, nice toy. And recently I've put my money into PocketPC platform (ACER n30), although I was quite embarassed by the fact, that it tenaciously refused to co-operate and synchronize with Linux PIMs.

(March 2006) New upgrade, the old machine got tired from running each day from dawn to dusk ... err, to midnight is more accurate ... and went into sillicon heaven. Well, since portable computers are quite handy, I invested into ASUS notebook A6U with Athlon Sempron (1.8 GHz), 60 GB harddrive and 512 RAM. Not bad machine. Again, dual system, Linux and Windows ... although I tend to stay in Linux if I don't need to use proprietary software to work at home on some calculations or paper to journal.

My favourite computer games are fantasy dungeons. To be true, I rarely try anything else. For example Thalion games Amberstar, Ambermoon, Dragonflight, or another german fantasy Realms of Arkania - The Blade of Destiny. One of the best games I have ever played is text-oriented dungeon The Pits of Angband, which is based on Tolkien's Middle-earth trilogy. Or quest-oriented dungeon Ancient Domain of Mystery is quite good, too. I must say I don't need graphics in games. I am playing MUDs sometimes. Now I prefer Genesis.

I love roaming around the country. During summer I spend evenings by a campfire with a guitare on my knees. I am not great player, but I enjoy it. The joy of wildlife is a different question.

Another my field of interest is reading. I read almost everything, but I like fantasy best of all. My favourite authors of fantasy books are Ursula Le-Guin, J.R.R.Tolkien, R.E.Howard, Feist, Asprin, Moorcock, Adam Andres, K.E.Wagner, Sheckley, Eddings, William King ...

I like sounds of music, too. I listen to country and folk, DM, Pink Floyd, Queen, Blackmore's Night, Manowar, Blind Guardian, punk, SKA and pub rock (mainly Czech/Slovak bands - Zvlastni skola, Morcata na uteku, Visaci Zamek, Tleskac, Certuv punk, Jaksi Taksi, SPS, Zona A etc.) From classic music I can listen to Johann Sebastian Bach, Vivaldi, whatever.

The last paragraph - sports. Well, great are "pub" games – darts, billiard, table soccer and who-will-drink-more-in-shorter-time. From outside activities I prefere - canoeing, hiking, cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, MTB cycling, swimming. I have played basketball at grammar school and university, but the days are gone. It is not easy to gather at least six friends to meet regularly – most of them have families and demanding jobs. I am not much into playing soccer, hockey or similar sports, because synchronizing of my kicking/shooting with the actions of the rest of the team is beyond my mental abilities.

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