Spring School: Highland Spring School on Mesoscopic Physics

On 24-26 April 2017, Highland Spring School on Mesoscopic Physics took place in Trest.
The Spring School focused on perspective themes for quantum technologies, such as chiral quantum optics, optometry, cold captured ions, single photon light sources, levitating nanoparticles, ultra-accurate time and length detection.

The invitation was received by lecturers, who are world leaders in their fields and engaging in an eye-catching way around some twenty PhD students and young scientists.
Of the total of 17 lecturers, 10 speakers from universities from Austria, Germany, Denmark, France and England. From the Czech Republic, a spokesperson was represented in addition to the organizing Technical University of Prague from the Palacký University in Olomouc or Charles University in Prague.
The organizer of the conference is the Department of Optical Micromanipulation Techniques of the ISI CAS, headed by prof. Pavel Zemanek, who introduced the conference together with dr. Ondrej Číp scientific knowledge for the UTT. The action is supported by AV21 Strategy "Diagnostic Methods and Techniques".


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