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Many disciplines, ranging from lithography to opto-genetics, require high-fidelity image projection. However, not all optical systems can display all types of images with equal ease. Therefore, the image projection quality is dependent on the type of image. In some circumstances, this can lead to a catastrophic loss of intensity or image quality. For complex optical systems, it may not be known in advance which types of images pose a problem. Here we show a new method called Time-Averaged image Projection (TAP), allowing us to mitigate these limitations by taking the entire image projection system into account despite its complexity and building the desired intensity distribution up from multiple illumination patterns. Using a complex optical setup, consisting of a wavefront shaper and a multimode optical fiber illuminated by coherent light, we succeeded to suppress any speckle-related background. Further, we can display independent images at multiple distances simultaneously, and alter the effective sharpness depth through the algorithm. Our results demonstrate that TAP can significantly enhance the image projection quality in multiple ways. We anticipate that our results will greatly complement any application in which the response to light irradiation is relatively slow (one microsecond with current technology) and where high-fidelity spatial distribution of optical power is required.

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