About us

The Preclinical Magnetic Resonance Unit in its current form has been established as a part of the Application Laboratories of Microtechnologies and Nanotechnologies of the Institute of Scientific Instruments (ALISI) in 2012 as a continuation of the institute’s tradition of nuclear magnetic resonance research and development reaching back to 1950s. Its principal mission is to support other academic institutions as well as commercial companies in their basic research and development of more efficient therapies or diagnostic markers, by means of magnetic resonance measurements of living small animals, plants, tissues or materials. The application needs and feedback from clients provide an important incentive for own research and development of the measurement techniques available in the facility, which is carried out by the facility team members in their capacity as team members of the Magnetic Resonance Group of the ISI. The accessibility of the facility services is facilitated by its inclusion in the Czech-BioImaging and Euro-BioImaging networks, which contribute to funding the operation and provide an expert feedback pushing for high quality of service.