Coherent Lasers and Interferometry Group

The team of Coherent Lasers and Interferometry derives its conception from its research projects and further perspectives. The main three fields of interest are:

The etalons of optical frequencies. Highly stable laser systems have been under investigation for long time. Semiconductor, solid-state, helium neon laser optical frequency etalons are stabilized through absorption spectroscopy in suitable gasseous media, the technology of preparation of absorption cells for most demanding metrological purposes has been developed. Etalon lasers serve for calibration of interferometers, optical telecommunications, etc.

Special interferometric systems for industrial applications and calibration of various displacement sensors represent our results of applied research. Research and development of advanced interferometric techniques are used by industrial partners and result in improvement of industrial metrology, precision of manufacturing and better quality in precision mechanical engineering.

The research in the field of nanometrology and high-resolution interferometry is our contribution to nanotechnology. Interferometric system of positioning and measuring in all axes of freedom together with local probe microscopy represents nanometrological apparatus for testing of nanostructures with direct traceability to primary etalons of length. Low-noise laser with short wavelength and digital signal processing of the interference signal result in not only subnanometer resolution but also precision.

High-Resolution Laser Interferometer
High-Resolution Laser Interferometer with Stabilized Spatial Position of Laser Beams.