About me

I was born in 1979 in the city of Pardubice. After primary school I was studied "Control Systems and Electronics" at the Secondary School of Electrical Engineering in Pardubice. In 2005 I graduated from Electronics and Communication at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication of Brno University of Technology. Further I started my doctoral studies at Physical and materials engineering branch, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the same university. As my Ph.D. thesis I chose "Evaluation of Frequency Shifts of Iodine Stabilized Lasers through Fluorescence and Frequency Comparisons" and I accomplished my Ph.D. studies in 6/2009.

During the secondary school studies I worked for IMA Pardubice, a company dealing with electronics, as a student technician and in 2001 I started my carrier in the Institute of Scientific Instruments. Between 2001-2004 I worked on the position of "He-Ne-I2 lasers technologist", during 2005 I was working on my Master's Diploma thesis "Control of Wavelength of Semiconductor Lasers" (download abstract) and between 2005-2009 I was interested in absorption iodine cells technology and evaluation and frequency stabilization of laser etalons - theme of my Ph.D. thesis (download abstract). Currently I have been working on laser stabilization for a special interferometric system for scanning probe microscopy techniques (precise length measurement of probe possition in all of six degrees of freedom) and on investigation of possible improvement of the iodine cells technology with the mass spectrometer experiments.

Download my complete "Europass form" structured CV in PDF format.