Roman Malczyk, Ales Gottvald

Institute of Scientific Instruments, Academy of Sciences of the CR,
Kralovopolska 147, CZ-612 64 Brno, Czech Republic
E-mail: malczyk@isibrno.cz, gott@isibrno.cz
Internet: http://www.isibrno.cz/~malczyk/index.html, ../~gott/index.html

with pseudo-math symbols

Abstract: Accurate parametric models represent an important prior information for analyzing MR-experiments under large deviations (strong signal and spectra distortions). Free Induction Decay (FID) is a fundamental signal detected in Fourier-Transform MRS. This ideal FID-signal is supposed (implicitly or explicitly) in many quantification schemes. However, a very large class of real-world MR-experiments require a generalized FID-signal. A real-time interactive MATLAB-simulator has been developed for modelling the complex inhomogeneity, noise, phase, amplitude, truncation, apodization, and some other distortions involved in the generalized FID-models.
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