This page will be so gentle to accept some results of my occassional temptations to describe or analyze my social environments, both here in Bohemia and during my fellowships abroad. More generally, it should be devoted to the relationships between modern society and modern science.

Many scientists see that their results are misused to fortify stupidities that exist for centuries.
Many scientists feel that some fundamental theories have failed to create a common-sense picture of the Nature.
Many scientists listen what they should do to make a "good career" in their social environment.

On the other hand, many scientists know that we have a priviledge to live in an extraordinary time. What's the Hidden Message of Great Thinkers and Visionaries, Frontier Organizations, and Scientists with Conscience? Hopefully, the next millenium is going to drift towards a cross-disciplinary Synthesis. Anyway, it's going to be interesting ...

I plan to put here some new material by the end of .... Meanwhile, several great links provide an underlying material worth to see or analyze.

Thinker "Great Thinkers and Visionaries" - created by Sasha Chislenko

Orgchart "Frontier Organizations on the Web" - created by Sasha Chislenko

einst "New and Alternative Theories of Physics" - maintained by Phil Gibbs

Brain "Mind Uploading Home Page" by Joseph J. Strout

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