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Ustav pristrojove techniky AVCR
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The Institute of Scientific Instruments was founded in 1957 as an institution to guarantee instrumentation for the other institutes of the Academy of Sciences in a number of fields. At the beginning, there were 83 employees. In 1989 their number increased to as many as 240. The transformation process, which was aimed at improving the quality of the scientific work of the specialists of the institute and at dealing with top-quality projects only, resulted in a decrease in the number of employees to the present ~95 full jobs. Changes in the scientific structure of the institute were made, and on their basis projects are proposed and dealt with by smaller teams. The teams constitute laboratories and the laboratories constitute sections.

Research Work:

The Institute carries out research on physical methods, special technologies and unique instrumentation principles in the scientific fields of electron optics (EO), nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and coherence optics (CO). It makes high-quality technical components and systems in the fields of ultra-high vacuum, cryotechnology and super-conductivity. Interdisciplinary research on the microstructure of matter is carried out in an attempt to obtain results that can be used in biology, chemistry, medicine, ecology and physics.

Scientific Sections:

EO: Electron Optics (Head: Ing. Ilona Mullerova, CSc.)


NMR: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (Head: Doc. Ing. Miroslav Kasal, CSc.)


CO: Coherence Optics (Head: RNDr. Pavel Zemanek, Ph.D.)


Institute Representatives:

Director: RNDr. Ludek Frank, DrSc.

Contact Information:

Institute of Scientific Instruments
Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Kralovopolska 147
CZ - 612 64 Brno
Czech Republic

phone: +420 (5) 415 14 111
fax: +420 (5) 415 14 402 or +420 (5) 415 14 404
e-mail :

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